Irvan Delarocha

Life is full of strange happenings. They seem very often to arise from very trifling causes. But so long as we do not know the causes, they seem to be most exceptional. They become very exciting. Life becomes interesting because of such things. They are very welcome because they break the orredom of life. Holidays, for example, are welcome changes in our rotine of daily life.

The arrival of relatives is also very exciting, specially when they come unexpectedly. A thunderstorm during summer can also very exciting. Quarrels of our neighbours give us some thrill, and when they make up their differences and become friends, they give us delight, sudden fires are also very exciting though, of course, they are not at all welcome. The visit of great men to our town or school is a red-letter day in our life. Such incidents are happening very often and they give us variety of experience. They sweeten life and add to our experience.


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