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My favourite things is 'One Piece'. I really like One Piece. Why I like One Piece? Because tells the story of a group of pirates led by Monkey d. Luffy who went searching for the legendary treasure called One Piece.

ONE PIECE is an Anime and Manga, which tells about the adventures of a group of pirates in search of legendary treasure, One Piece. One Piece created by Eiichiro Oda in August 1997 in Shonen Jump issue Shueisha and still continues. Her anime version began in October 1999 and has now reached over 500 episodes.

One Piece tells about the adventures of a boy named Monkey d. Luffy, who wanted to become King of the pirates and find the "One Piece" after being inspired by Shanks. Approximately 22 years before the story begins, a pirate named Gol d. Roger, or better known as the pirate King of the dead was executed in public. Just before his death, he announced to the crowd about his treasure, One Piece, which claimed to be the largest treasure ever. Roger's death triggers the start of an era of "the golden age of Pirates", marked the decline of many pirates to countless treasures. Luffy is one who is intent on finding One Piece and become the next pirate King, took to the sea to begin her adventures as well as begin to gather a few friends along the way.

Zoro is the first crew to join the straw hat Group. The technique is unable to use the sword is a sword 3 rare in the world of One Piece. Zoro has a goal to become the world's strongest swordsman, inherited the ideals of her childhood best friend, Kuina, who died because of the accident.

Navigator from a straw hat Group can feel weather changes with his body. Other capabilities in addition to navigation is a steal. The ideals of Nami is making a map of the entire world. The weapon used was a stick with various modifications from Usopp.

Snipers in the Straw Hat Pirate Groups. Aspire to be brave sniper across the oceans and want to go to the island of Elbaf. His father, Yasopp, was a sniper in Pirate Shanks Group. Really like the lie, and told him that high. Fight with wearing unique catapult shot with bullets and traps-traps. After 2 years of training able to control Pop Green, plants that can grow with aggressive and fast. According to himself, he included three people in the weakest of the group, in addition to Nami and Chopper. Although the weakest including 3, he is the man who dared to fight against the captain Monkey d. Luffy and burned the flags of the World Government.

The chef at members of the Straw Hat Pirate, and is a rival of Roronoa Zoro. The chef who aspire to find a legendary Ocean in which all sources of food ingredients derived, that is All Blue. He is also a student of Zeff the Red Leg, chefs from the Baratie Restaurant that was once a pirate. Sanji is very flirtatious towards women. Sanji had a principle that will not hurt the woman though had to die. Sanji uses both legs to fight and never uses his hand because his hand is a treasure trove for a chef. Sanji fight with powerful kicks. He can also wear tenknik "Jump/Diable Diable Jumble" that makes his legs put out the fire. This technique can strengthen his shot and give the effect of fire on his enemies. The strongest Member of the Group including 3 straw hat.

The doctor  intangibles the wildebeest has seven changes. Chopper carrying out the wishes of the world's greatest doctor doctor Hiluluk, who dreams of curing all diseases that exist in the world. She's a devil fruit eaters Hito Hito so can speak like a human being. Hito-Hito fruit power also make it can transform into a variety of forms including becoming monsters. After two years, she can wear a form of the beast without loss of consciousness.

Archeologists the world's only remaining Island Ohara of the researching the origin of the persons initials 'd ' through Poneglyph that the actual incidence of mungungkapkan on 100 years of history are lost.  is the person most sought after by the world's Governments because it is considered as the devil that can destabilize the world peace. This is evidenced by the value of the game at the age of 8 years is very high. Devil fruit eaters Hana Hana so it can double the members of his body anywhere (but more often doubling his hands). Fight with mengandakan his body, can be used for a wide variety of style (such as growing hand in the opponent's body and then hit him). When using her powers she crossed her hands.

Ship's engineers as well as cyborg who dreams of building a ship of dreams, the ship is capable of wading through all the ocean like a Pirate King Gold d. Roger, Oro Jackson, created by Tom. When Tom was captured by the Navy, Frangky was intending to stop a train that carries Tom over the sea to Music Lobby. As a result, he got hit by the train and almost died. To survive, he changed the structure of his body with a variety of technologies to become a Cyborg. Quite Franky fight techniques vary. He used weapons hidden all over his body, and using the Cola as a fuel. two years later, after being reunited, Frangky re assemble his body with advanced technology from the Navy, which was the result of research from Vegapunk, a scientist from the Navy.

Human skull blond afro and also a musician who recruited after events Thriller Bark. He was a pirate who promised a Pope who called Laboon and aspires to continue until the end of the world, the island of Raftel and promised to return again to meet Laboon. Fighting with swords and violins are used. The power of music is able to hypnotize people who listened to the song and also can put people off. Devil fruit Eater Yomi Yomi meaning back to life. Actually he died long ago, but because of the power of the devil fruit this arwahnya back and found his body had been living skeletons. After 2 years of practice are able to connect her breakup and his sword can freeze.


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